Beginning of "enruta"

posted Aug 30, 2015, 4:57 PM by Brian Bute   [ updated Mar 12, 2018, 4:19 PM ]

"Enruta", which is Spanish for “en route”, is comprised of believers walking alongside believers as we journey together in knowing, loving and sharing Christ. Our specific mission is to "work in partnership with the church to engage, equip and empower believers who are gifted for entrepreneurship to embrace their God-given role of furthering the Kingdom of God through their work… in their communities and globally… improving economic conditions in their communities in the process." A large portion of this is through the work of business development in a nation where many are suffering the effects of severe material poverty.

The roots of Enruta began to grow years ago, with a heartfelt prayer, “Lord, please shake up our family!” This was the plea of a wife and mother who saw her family sunk in apathy and in shallow relationships with each other and with God. That was 2009, and much has happened since then. Within a year, God had begun to answer that prayer in dramatic ways… relationships restored with God and with each other, a new perspective on the world, and a new calling.

One of the new perspectives God began to reveal in 2009 was that no part of a believer’s life is secular. God has gifted each of us for different types of work, and whether those gifts include preaching or something typically thought of as secular, like entrepreneurship, He gave these gifts to us for the purpose of bringing Him glory. The Butes love to share this message.

So Enruta came to life in early 2015, the culmination of six years of God shaking up and remolding the Bute family. The addition of Josue rounded out the team, and Enruta was en route!

At it’s core, Enruta exists to bring glory to God. As we work with Nicaraguan entrepreneurs to bring jobs and prosperity to their impoverished communities, serve individuals and organizations by helping with complicated logistics and negotiations, connect with others and connect them with each other, our prayer is that others will somehow see Christ. That we will fade into the background and His awe-inspiring love, power and goodness will be all that people see!