Meet The Team

Brian Cornelius Bute - Co-Founder/Executive Director

Job description: organizational administration; financial management; mentorship and discipleship; team-building and staff development; equipment/technology development and innovation; inter-organizational liaison

About Brian: Brian has been living and working in Nicaragua in the field of missions and missional economic development since 2013. A university
-educated professional with a life-long love of learning and 30+ years of experience in leadership, entrepreneurship, engineering, manufacturing, technology/innovation, leadership, and more recently, missions and development, Brian is compelled and well-equipped to help others--especially those gifted for leadership--to discover and realize God’s good plans for their lives.

Brian was born and raised in rural Saskatchewan, Canada, and then lived, studied and worked in central and southern Alberta, Canada for 28 years. He has been married to Eveleen since 1992, and they have two adult children and one son-in-law.

  • March 2015 to Present | Co-Founder/Executive Director of Enruta
  • July 2013 to December 2014 | Trainee and then ministry partner with a missionary family doing agricultural development in Nicaragua
  • 1999 to 2013 | Owner/president of an engineering consulting firm in Lethbridge, Alberta, which is still flourishing today
  • 2009 to 2014 | Structural engineer on several volunteer trips with eMi in countries in Africa and Central America
  • 2008 to present | Partner and technology coordinator for a steel manufacturing business in a less developed country
  • 9 years | Partner in two Canadian startup manufacturing companies, one of which is still going strong today
  • 10 years | Helped start up and operate an agricultural/environmental consulting company
  • Various leadership roles in churches and church programs over the years working with adults, youth and children
  • Widely varied agricultural experience, life-long, involving equipment, livestock, crops, environmental protection, and design of equipment and systems for a variety of agricultural applications
  • University of Calgary – 1997 – Bachelor of Science in Engineering
  • Olds College – 1987 – Diploma in Agricultural Engineering Technology
  • A lifetime consistently in pursuit of learning:  independent study, seminars, courses, etc, in the areas of theology, missions, economic development, engineering, entrepreneurship, leadership, etc.

Josué Ismael Mendieta Gutiérrez - Co-Founder/Director of Operations
Job Description:
  Spanish language communications; evangelism & discipleship; support/training of Christian leaders and entrepreneurs; coordinating partnerships between individuals & organizations; networking

About Josué: 
With his engaging personality and passion for Christ, sharing God’s love, and helping others to thrive, Josué is an indomitable and contagious force for positive change in Nicaragua. He is an integral and essential member of the Enruta team. He brings with him his in-depth, native understanding of Nicaraguan language, life, and culture, a plethora of local connections (very important in a country where it is all about who you know!), and almost 20 years of experience in local and international evangelism, social & economic development, and leadership and administration.

Josué has lived all his life right here in Diriamba, Nicaragua, and has been married to Johanna since 1994. They have two young-adult children.


  • 19+ years’ in the field of international development. In his travels, Josué worked with seven international agencies in 10 countries in Central & South America
  • Coordinated social & economic development projects in those 10 countries
  • Organized 1200 community associations, and assisted in organizing over 2000 communities throughout South and Central America
  • Technical advisor to a variety of NGO's
  • Trainer of facilitators
  • Executive advisor of various Nicaraguan organizations in areas of growth & development
  • Involved in community programs for reforestation
  • Developed & worked in the area of community micro-finance
  • Evangelism throughout Central & South America
Education:   University of Central America in Nicaragua - Bachelor's degree in Business Administration

Eveleen Bute - Communications