About Metamorfosis - Millón de Amigos

posted May 3, 2016, 8:26 AM by Brian Bute   [ updated Mar 12, 2018, 4:21 PM ]
(Translated: “Metamorphosis - A Million Friends”)

Please read "The Miraculous Story of Metamorfosis" for more information.

Metamorfosis is a group of pastors and young, dynamic Christian leaders from a group of more than 23 churches (soon to expand to more than 75 churches) in the heavily populated area of La Concepción (La Concha), in the department of Masaya, Nicaragua with whom we have been working to develop an inter-denominational, community-wide youth ministry.

Metamorfosis is a youth ministry, but it is also a ministry for the whole community. In fact, their first new believer is a 70-year-old resident of the community who came to the building site one day and asked if he could help.

“We’re sorry, but we have no money to pay you,” said the young team members who were doing construction that day.

“That doesn’t matter,” he replied. “I just want to help.”

That’s exactly what he did, and he came to know Jesus after a very short time as a result!

When we say “youth ministry”, the definition is a little broader than it is in some places in the world. “Youth” refers to people between about 13 and 35 years of age, and this group of young leaders fits that demographic well. Some are in their thirties and have serious life experience and skills to contribute. Others are in their teens and are full of energy and enthusiasm. All are eager to know Jesus Christ more, and to share Him with everyone they know.

Enruta started partnering closely with this group in March 2015, walking alongside them and providing a bridge to further training and resources for a dedicated planning/preparation phase. Now the ministry is up and running, and training and discipleship for the leaders continues. Bibles, knowledgeable educators, and other resources have been brought in, great discussion and learning have happened, and your giving and your prayers are a part of it all. God is drawing the hearts of these believers to Himself in dramatic ways, inspiring them to open their doors and their hearts to those seeking Christ, and preparing them to provide safe havens in which new faith and authentic relationships with God can be nurtured.

Team members have worked hard at developing a formal plan, and are now reaching out to their community in numerous ways. A small café on-site is a gathering place for youth where questions can be asked and relationships can grow, the team is building a very positive relationship with the large public school across the street, they are working with local churches to distribute Bibles to every family in the whole municipality, and their first big youth conference is planned for December 17, 2016.

Vision: We want to live in a community where people know Jesus and show it in their daily lives.

Mission: We are a team that shares the message of Jesus with our community.

Core Values:

  • Love for Christ
  • Compassion for individuals
  • Respect
  • Kindness
  • Honesty
  • Equality

Building Project

Metamorfosis is serving a large number of youth, and in order to carry out their mission, they are working to develop the site and build a simple structure to give attendees of larger events shelter from the intense heat of the sun and the heavy rains

This community, which is dealing with significant economic challenges just like the rest of Nicaragua, has shown its commitment and passion for this project by providing a piece of property on which to build, and raising a good chunk of the funds for construction. Businesses and churches in the community have donated labor and materials. Team members and other volunteers have been sacrificing much personal time and resources to help make the site functional for ministry.
Site Plan

Construction began in February 2016, and will be carried out in five phases (click map to enlarge): 

Phase I – Bathrooms with multiple stalls and showers (completed March 7, 2016) 

Phase 2 – The “Casa Blanca” (white house), a small, wooden, street-front structure and historical landmark in the area, was repaired, painted, and outfitted to house a welcoming youth café, which is helping cover the costs of the ministry, and serves as a place for conversations and community to happen. (complete, Grand Opening was July 25, 2016)

Phase 3 – Because it is necessary in Nicaragua to keep a property occupied at all times, a small, simple house consisting of two tiny one-room apartments is currently being built in one corner of the property. The walls and roof are done, but they need doors, windows, and a floor.

Phase 4 – Landscaping is underway to create a welcoming space and reduce dust. Still to come are covered outdoor tables, and circumference fencing for off-hours security. 

Phase 5
 – When funds allow, the rancho will be built, a simple structure of a roof supported by columns. This will be the larger meeting/event space. 

Other labels on map

  • Open-air “Retail Space” may be built in the future to rent out
  • “Existing Workshop” was built by another ministry and may provide future space for expansion (currently used by a sewing cooperative, which could move to “Future Workshop”) 
"God has been surprising me. I keep being amazed at all the things He's doing in La Concha and it's giving me a whole new perception of who He is."

(One of Metamorfosis’ Overseeing Pastors)

How to Partner

In the meantime, metamorphosis is already happening! God is working mightily in this community of churches, drawing them to seek the truth about who He is and embrace relationship with Him. Dramatic changes are taking place, and these pastors and young leaders are already reaching out to their families, friends, and neighbors, to share the exciting news of God’s incomparable love and grace.

We have gained enormous respect and admiration for this group of believers, and would love to offer you a chance to be a part of the amazing work God is doing in and through them, by praying for them (see 
The Miraculous Story…), and/or by contributing to our Metamorfosis construction fund. We would like to raise $22,500, which will be used to help with construction costs of the rancho, house, fencing, and landscaping. This will by no means cover their entire budget, but it will be a great boost to their work. If you would like to contribute, you can do it through our EFCCM account by clicking here. Please specify Account # 2-5061 - Metamorfosis.